Union Flag Egg, The Great Egg Hunt. Eggs made by 3D Eye

I started in the sign industry in 1979 when I trained as a traditional signwriter.

In that 41 years I’ve covered not only painted signs but many aspects of the sign industry, including screen printing, typography, artworks, acrylic & steel signs, chemical etched brass & stainless steel plaques and have painted letters on shops, cars, vans, guitars, crash helmets, jackets, planes, eggs and elephants.

Our jobs range from one off shop fronts for small start-up businesses to 8 floor, 70 room office blocks and hotels.

A large part of our work is for propmakers and scenic artists. We also do artworking for other companies involved in propmaking and the sign industry.

Our experience gives us the ability to design and tailor your signs to your specific and unique requirements.

We cover mainly London and home counties but have worked for clients in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Scotland and France.

We don’t expect you to know about signage and graphics, that’s our job!