Info and blogs about projects that we’ve been working on.

Portus Retail


The client’s logotype is lovely and simple with a cool little twist on the “O”.
I made and installed these letters on the walls in their old office. Now that they have moved office…. so have the letters.

5mm blue acrylic faced with colour matched matt vinyl.
The stair text is on stand-off locators and the office text is flat onto the wall

Portus Retail Wall Graphic

Honours Board

Here’s a nice little job, 18mm board with oak veneer and a light hockey stick frame.  Stained and varnished with about 8 coats.

Gold leaf header with a black shade. Client should be happy with this.

A is for….

It’s been a while since I did one of these…..
Cut from 18mm marine ply, painted up in satin blue (about 87 or 8 coats… I lost count) and lettered with palladium leaf.

All together a rather nice ‘A’ board.


Stainless Steel

Etched and filled stainless steel door signs for the edit suites at Whisper Films, Kew, London.

They have just updated their ID so new ones were needed as well as some extras for the new edit suites.


Really nice, 4 section brass directory. Etched, filled and mounted onto black panels.

What’s not to love….. it’s classic with a little twist……